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Smart Phone hang-up and It's cure


In today’s world, cell phone addiction (nomophobia) is the most rapidly spreading addiction among the youth. Fear of being without your cell phone is known as nomophobia. A cell phone, on the other hand, has become an indispensable tool for staying connected and active. Your work may be done on a computer, laptop, or cell phone at times. It’s a necessary part of your job, and you can’t skip it. This isn’t a dependency. The addiction is to be constantly on your phone, whether for work or pleasure. Daily people change their behaviour and become aggressive while playing different online games, using social media apps, and doing online shopping. Treatment for cell phone addiction is becoming increasingly important in order to restore normalcy.

Addiction to Cell Phones Treatment

It’s one of the most common types of addiction found all over the world. It is, however, a symptom of behavior addiction. The treatment is being used because it has a negative impact on behavior. Cell phone addiction treatment, on the other hand, is based on a variety of therapies that allow you to stop using it excessively. Individual therapy and group therapy are the two parts of these therapies.

Individualized Treatments

Individualized therapies are administered to each patient. This treatment consists of various counselling sessions as well as medication therapy. Individual therapy is beneficial in the treatment of any behavioral changes or addictions. Individual treatments are carried out as follows

Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT)

Changes in negative behavior, thought, feeling, habits, and other things are the focus of this individual therapy. These things feed the negative thoughts in their heads. Individual therapy is the most effective. Cognitive behavior therapy assisted them in shifting their mindset and directing their attention to other physical activities.

Motivational Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses

The goal of motivational therapy is to help people make positive mental changes. Individual therapy allows a person to discover new abilities on their own. The affected person can easily identify what is right or wrong for him as a result of motivational therapy. It aids in the development of a person’s capability and affective mind thought.

Meditation Therapy

There are numerous pharmacological drugs available that can help to reduce the effects of addiction. These medications are readily available in pharmacies. They are not approved by the FDA to treat cell phone addiction. Only psychotherapy is considered by the FDA as a means of rehabilitating this gauged or internet addiction. When used in moderation, these drugs produce positive results. It can harm your brain and cause other psychological diseases if you use it too much.

Group Treatments

In rehabilitation centers, group addiction therapies are used. These facilities promote treatment that is free of side effects. Patients recover faster when they are in a group setting. Furthermore, group guarding, interaction, behaviour changes, and other physical activities are all improved by this therapy. The goal of group therapy is to provide patients with a safe haven in a specific area with people of the same age group. This goal contributes to the successful rehabilitation of addicted patients. In rehabilitation centre, some of the following group therapies are provided

Assemble a group to protect you.

A person’s key to introducing you to others is group guarding. Addicts who are part of a group have the opportunity to improve their physical defense and themselves. This group therapy focuses on improving their ability to communicate, as well as their self-confidence, interaction skills, and physical appearance. Group therapy helps people relax and improve their ability to polish their skills. It is, however, behaviour therapy, and it focuses on behaviour changes and mental illness.

Mindfulness Training

In this group therapy, you will play a role in managing your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It’s another way to get you out of a bad mood. Everything in this group therapy is based on your mind. It’s easier to focus on other therapies once your mind has calmed down. The best example of this therapy is doing yoga while paying attention to your breathing. This technique calms your mind and helps you concentrate on your treatment.

Playing in a group

A group game is another way to improve your mental health. People feel more at ease when they play in a group of people their own age. Physical activity and mental well-being are inversely proportional. It means that being physically active also benefits your mental health. Choose games that include both physical activity and game strategies for the game activity session. Football, basketball, card games, and so on are examples of these games. Furthermore, these games increase physical activity while also improving their ability to think.

Music Therapy is a type of therapy that uses music

Everyone enjoys music, regardless of which genre they prefer. Another skill-based therapy is music therapy. A state in which a person welcomes music into their life. Furthermore, addicted people were trained in this group therapy by improving their musical abilities. This therapy not only improves musical instrument skills but also other musical activities. Singing a group song, writing song lyrics, and discovering different musical tunes using other local items, such as a glass with and without water, are examples of these activities.

Exercises for Groups

Exercise on a daily basis if you want a focused and active mind. Addicts have behavioural issues because their minds are only focused on their bad habits. It is critical to exercise to keep your mind fresh in order to make positive changes. Group exercises are sometimes designed for addicted people based on their abilities. Stretching exercises are usually preferred by addicted patients. These exercises help them become more physically active while also improving their mental health.

Time with the family

Although, in a rehabilitation center, group therapies are more frequently designed to keep patients comfortable. In their seagull, these rehabilitation centers also design family time. The goal of this therapy is to engage in a discussion about a family issue. This method also aids in the development of responsibility and the enhancement of problem-solving abilities in the family.

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