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Hollywood VIPs respond to US Capitol viciousness: Hell hath no rage like a narcissist hated, says Sean Penn

Chris Evans, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin among different VIPs responded to the episode via online media and required a quiet progress of force.

VIPs have taken to web-based media to denounce savagery and pandemonium on the US Capitol grounds on January 6. A group of Trump allies amassed the US Capitol expanding on Wednesday during the tallying of US President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes.

This happened not long after Donald Trump set up himself as the champ of the as of late held races during a convention. As indicated by reports, Trump urged individuals to continue to the Capitol to make their voice heard. Before long the structure was encircled by Trump allies who came in waving their banners.

Chris Evans, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin among different superstars responded to the episode via web-based media and required a serene change of force.

“This urgent ‘man’ and his senseless sheep,” entertainer and maker Issa Rae referenced in a web-based media post.

Hollywood entertainer movie producer Sean Penn tweeted, “There is no wrath known to man like a narcissist disdained.”

Vocalist Pink said she is humiliated taking a gander at the situation. The performer shared a post on Twitter which read, “As a United States Citizen, and the little girl of two veterans, and the sister of another, I am embarrassed about what’s going on in Washington. Lip service, disgrace, Embarrassment. Treacherous tricky sheep going all-in. This is a tragic day for America.”

Alec Baldwin, who has showed up as Donald Trump in various SNL outlines, expressed on Twitter, “What number of chances did Trump need to mend the harm that he, when all is said and done, proclaimed? He had numerous odds. Be that as it may, Trump is an insane neurotic. So… “

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